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Other JDM Ferio models included a model with the RealTime 4wheel drive and a rear wiper in the back window of the sedan, which was not seen in other markets. Canada[ edit ] Canadian trim packages were mostly similar to the United States, though with different designations. All sedans and coupes had a group option package available that added air conditioning and anti-lock brakes. The hatchbacks, available only in CX and DX trims, were sold as economy cars ; as in the US, they had none of the amenities of other trims in the Civic lineup, not even as options.

The car was similar to the Canadian DX hatchback, but came with additional standard parts including mesh inch wheels similar in design to the more common third generation Integra mesh wheels , body-coloured side mirrors and side mouldings, a mid-wing and a Special badge on the rear of the hatch. Australia[ edit ] The Civic was introduced in initially with two 1.

6 civic схема honda

The high output B16A2 engine was introduced later and available in the coupe and hatch, known as the VTi-R. Philippines[ edit ] The sixth generation Civic was initially launched in with two trim packages: Both came with regular front disk brakes and rear drum brakes. Transmission choices were a 5-speed manual or a 4-speed automatic, available in both trims. During the facelift, an SiR version was introduced. It had a B16a2 1. Formula red and sunburst yellow color variants followed aftwerwards with silver accents on the center console.

The only transmission choice was a 5-speed manual. Japan[ edit ] There was also the Civic Type R , sold only in the Japanese domestic market , and only available as a hatchback and a 5-speed manual with LSD as the only available transmission. The chassis was given the designation EK9. The EK9 was very special as it was essentially based on the JDM EK4 SiR but taken out of the production line and given additional reinforcement to the chassis and body shell. Weight was also meticulously removed to create a light weight racecar feel.

honda civic 6 схема

Other additions over the EK4 were bigger brakes,5 stud wheel hub, quicker steering ratio, specially tuned suspension, Recaro seats, MOMO steering wheel, titanium shift knob, front lip spoiler, rear wing, smoked headlights and a hand built engine that embodied the racing spirit of Honda.

This engine featured a hand polished cylinder head, lighter flywheel, redesigned cam profiles, high compression pistons and balanced crankshaft.

The gearbox was fitted with a helical type limited slip differential.

Honda Civic (sixth generation)

It has the 1. S2 was the sportiest mode. South Africa[ edit ] In South Africa, the 3-door hatchback was sold under the "Civic Coupe" pre-facelift and "Civic" facelift nameplates.

The 4-door sedan was marketed under the " Ballade " nameplate. In South Africa the 2-door Civic coupe Si was not available. Chassis codes also differed to other markets: The Type R was never released into the South African market.

It was built in five-door, two-door coupe and Aerodeck Estate models in various trim levels and engine sizes.

1/10 Civic

The Aerodeck name was previously used on the Honda Accord Aerodeck , which was a two-door station wagon, popularly known in Europe as a shooting-brake. These came with five-door body and fifty-five litre fuel tank, ABS, driver and passenger air bags, power steering and electric door mirrors, amongst other things.

The later models came with air conditioning as standard. The Domani-based Civics were also available with the Rover L-Series diesel engine which was a 2-litre, eight-valve, direct-injection turbocharged unit 20T2N, 20T2R ; an essential addition in the European market. Later diesel engines came with intercoolers.

Compared to the original Domani, the Liftback and Aerodeck featured a new interior, similar to that of the more upmarket Rover The VTI-S improved on the appearance of the standard Civic VTi five-door with a more pronounced front lip and also a rear lip on the bumpers, and different side skirts.

It also came fitted with lightweight 15" Speedline Chrono alloy wheels, with a split spoke design. The later VTi-S models came fitted with the lightweight Speedline "fan" alloy wheels.

Other than this, the it is identical to the regular VTi. The instrument dials on later VTi-S models changed slightly, now with italic numbering.

Civic X Coupe

Mechanically and in performance terms it is identical to a regular EK4 VTi. A car special limited edition Honda Civic VTi EK4 3-door model was created with their own signed Eddie Jordan Plaque with the specific number stamped on it in the centre console. This car was sold in — It had the same basic spec as the EK4 VTi, but the extras included: Sunlight Yellow paint work, yellow-and-black leather interior, Jordan decals on the sides and rear of the car as well as stitched into the seats and floor carpets.

UK produced with styling and interior specifications were aimed primarily at the UK market.

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